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​​​The Pay It Forward Program is my way of encouraging gifting amongst clients and how I give back to the universe completing the cycle of giving/receiving. It is simple. You are stressed. You need a massage. Maybe you don't have insurance or you're just low on cash. You book an appointment. When you arrive, you only pay what you can afford and deposit the cash into the box. You are actually paying for the next person in line and the previous person already paid what they could afford for your treatment. You owe nothing more. Cool, eh? Simple. Now, you receive your massage, leave without stress and spread joy and happiness, (rather than crankiness) throughout the land. Yay!  

I’ve been practicing massage and bodywork for 24 years now.  And what I have noticed is that the majority of people are not receiving treatments because they simply cannot afford it.  It ends up being a once a year treat or the massage had been gifted by a friend.  This is not serving our community, nor our society as a whole if we are interested in living in a better world.

Stress is the leading cause of disease in the world.  How it affects your health and physiology is very well documented.  Massage, when received on a regular basis, reduces stress and helps to “reset” the bodies’ ability to heal itself.  No therapists or doctors heal you.  They simply have different tools to wake up your body’s natural ability to heal itself.  Massage, or simply touch, feels good on your muscles, relieves aches and pains, quiets the mind, but most importantly it resets your bodies’ desire to maintain balance.  Homeostasis.

Social Evolution means that as a society we change.  We grow.  Dr. Ida Rolf felt that, as a species we had evolved as far as we could unconsciously.  That in order to grow anymore we needed to be “perturbed” and consciously participate in the process.  Her Ten series of Structural Integration changed the body so dramatically, that it also changed the way we perceived the world.  It is from this new platform that she felt we had the opportunity to grow into something more than what we had once been.  

This principle of “perturbing” a system can be applied to any system.  So, in order to change a community or society, it needs some sort of “perturbation” to get things started.  A shaking up.  Here at Rolf Bodyworks, I propose an outlet for creative individuals to speak, demonstrate and allow creative perturbations to permeate throughout our little corner of CT.  

If you are a teacher and would like to hold a workshop in my space, contact me by email and learn how you can participate.

Artists, Dancers, Speakers and Yoga teachers are encouraged to join and participate in the free flow of ideas, movements and art that is a reflection of the creative process.  Feel free to ask about hanging your art on the walls, holding a class or presenting something that resonates in your heart.

In addenum, If you have already taken the Basic Thai Massage Training, you can intern the class partially or in full by making a cash only donation to the Pay It Forward Program. This allows you to continue your interest in improving your Thai massage practice at your leisure and in a cost effective manner.

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Pay It Forward Program